Why gentle training club chocolate bars?


The Afternoon Snack

Feeling an energy dip at 1pm and can't decide between coffee or a candy bar?

Choose a Focus Bar instead. It satisfies your sweet craving and helps you power through your to-do list.

Evening Self-Care

The perfect snack to help you rest and unwind after a long work day.

Our Bars are a low sugar option for a post-dinner snack or late night Netflix.

Running Late!

Sometimes you just can't avoid coffee or energy drinks, but you also can't avoid being under-caffeinated - whether you're running late for a meeting, a flight, or school drop-off.

Stock up on our Bars for emergencies by keeping them in your car, work bags, and desk.


It's really challenging to stay motivated when traveling.

Sugary energy drinks aren't much better, and airport coffee takes too long and never tastes good.


We'll help you get through the night and still meet your health objectives, whether you're a student attempting to study for finals or a nurse set to work an all-night shift.


How does the Focus Bar compare to Coffee & Matcha beverage alternatives?

While Coffee & Matcha based beverages at cafes and supermarkets often cost between AED23 to AED35, our Focus Bars combine a light caffeine fix & a snack for under AED 7.75.

When do people usually eat a Focus Bar?

Focus Bars offer remarkable versatility in providing a low sugar snack and a light Caffeine + L-Theanine uplift.

Customers appreciate using Focus Bars not only as a delightful remedy for the afternoon energy dip but also find them beneficial before meetings, as part of their breakfast granola bowls, and during extended work shifts.

Why are the sizes smaller compared to other chocolate & energy bars?

  1. With only 55-70 calories, our Bars are gentler on your stomach compared to other energy bars, ensuring they won't feel heavy.
  2. Rather than serving as a meal substitute, they function as an ideal addition to a meal or a convenient option for keeping yourself satisfied between meals.
  3. Their compact size makes them easy to store in various locations, such as your glove box, desk drawer, or diaper bag, providing a convenient energy boost whenever needed.

What makes a chocolate bar from Gentle Training Club different?

  • Our Boost Bars are caffeinated with caffeine extract, which means you'll get a focused energy boost without jitters or a crash.
  • Our Focus Bars are powered by Matcha Green Tea. A naturally concentrated amino acid called L-Theanine helps improve attention and focus.
  • Our Calm Bars are infused with Chamomile and Ashwagandha extract to help you unwind and de-stress.

Our customers report feeling productive, focused & energized for longer.

Where are your bars manufactured?

Our bars are manufactured proudly in the United Arab Emirates. Our ingredients and packaging are sourced from various farms and countries from around the world.

Are your bars nut-free?

Our Focus Bar is nut-free.

Our Boost Bar and Calm Bar contain almonds and are processed on the same line. Although we have cleaning procedures in place, cross-contamination cannot be completely ruled out.

Can I eat your bars if I'm pregnant?

Our Bars are generally safe to consume for pregnant women, but it is recommended to consult your doctor to be sure how much is right for you to consume comfortably.

Our Boost Bar does contain 26mg of Caffeine, which is less than half a shot of espresso.

Our Focus Bar contains 530mg of Matcha, which also has a lighter amount of caffeine content. Our Calm Bar contains Chamomile and Ashwagandha.